Juanita Noble
Juanita NobleContemporary Representational Artist
Juanita is an Edmonton born artist who currently resides in Chilliwack, B.C.

Some of Juanita’s highlights

Artist Juanita Noble received her training at the Emily Carr School of Fine Art in Vancouver, B.C., successfully completing a Certificate in Fine Art Techniques. Initially she started her career as an artist in her own studio on Granville Island in Vancouver, while working as a medical secretary to support her artistic goals. On retirement she moved to Chilliwack, B.C. to start painting full time.

Juanita’s interest is working with acrylics, oils and other substances that will create the form and texture she requires for a work to feel complete. She enjoys the challenge of using a variety of tools in the application of the medium to the surface. “It is important that I relay to the viewer, the energy used in creating the intentional marks on the surface. The picture plane must show the evidence of the artist’s strokes for the piece to be of interest”.

“I believe there is a great difference between artistic technical skill and that of an artist, who has this skill as well as the ability to bring a part of their soul into the work. When a viewer can see the energy of the artist it is to me a successful original piece of Fine Art”.

The application of layers of gesso or other primer to the canvas; initiates the originality of the piece. Adding several layers of paint or other medium before the actual image starts to take form creates the necessary depth to the image.

“The canvas must be allowed to merge with the artists creative spirit for an original painting to be born”.

Each original painting is a story being told by the merging of the artist’s mind, spirit and soul to produce unique and unusual works of art.

“No possible set of notes can explain our paintings. Their explanation must come out of a consummated experience between picture and onlooker. The appreciation of art is a true marriage of minds. And in art as in marriage, lack of consummation is a grounds for annulment”

Mark Rothko 1903-1970
Pictures As Drama

Juanita Noble is an Active Status member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.