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The Evolution of War Crimes Against Culture

The artist created this mixed media piece in response to the U.S. bombing of Iraq during the Gulf War. The cross in the piece is symbolic of the religious and other artifacts that were destroyed when bombing targeted the National Museum of Iraq. This occurred despite the protestations of the international antiquities and art communities, and despite the fact the U.S. had vowed to protect the site. The artist followed this news story, and a compilation of news articles accompanies the piece.

Also part of the piece: a picture of George W. Bush; pieces of military uniforms dipped in red painting, symbolizing the many young men and women who lost their lives during the conflict; and incomplete clippings of news articles that are either torn, burned or otherwise removed, meant to evoke a feeling of frustration similar to that of not being able to experience the works of art that were destroyed

Humanity Under The Sun

This is the artist’s view of humanity – that we are all one. The different colours represent different races, overlapping one another.

Down and Under (The Fluke), Devin Townsend

This work is an interpretation of a Devin Townsend song. The artist sought to draw energy down from the atmosphere and funnel it into this picture, much the way she imagines Townsend’s music is created.

Vello’s Space Elevator

The inspiration for this piece came from news stories about a group of scientists set on connecting the earth and the moon (the so-called lunar elevator), as described to the artist by her husband, Vello. Here she demonstrates the use of transparencies to highlight different colours.

Tribute to Neil

This work is a tribute to Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

What is Purple?

Along with What is Red and Whale’s Tale, What is Purple is part of a series in which the artist manipulates tones of colour. This piece was done entirely using various shades of purple and variations in texture.

Lane Behind the Orpheum

This three-paneled piece represents the artist’s view of a function at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver. The panels juxtapose the artists’ experience of entering the theatre through a gloomy, alleyway door, and the public swarming around a brightly lit entrance, eagerly anticipating the performance. Granville St. is also depicted in the third of the panels, which are under-coloured with different shades but all topped with the same hue of red.

What is Red?

This piece is one in a three-part series that mixes different tonalities of one colour (along with What is Purple and Whale’s Tale). What is Red was created entirely using various hues of red, though it appears to include other colours. The artist manipulated the canvas and the viscosity of the paint to achieve running lines.


Power Plant

In this work, the artist captured a power plant located just outside of her hometown of Chilliwack, B.C. The area appealed to her for his vastness, isolation and proximity to the mountains. The interaction of energy between the site and the sky is at play in this acrylic piece.

With Apologies to Matisse

The artist chose to re-imagine a favourite piece by Henri Matisse (French Window at Collioure) using her own techniques and changing the colours slightly.